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Navigating workers’ compensation is far from straightforward, but an Oregon workers’ compensation attorney can help. Every day, dozens of Ohio workers are injured while on the job. In many cases, these injuries have a long-term medical and financial impact on the lives of hard-working men and women. Managing an injury while balancing loss of income and medical expenses is never an easy situation. To help mitigate the financial hardships faced by injured employees in Ohio, workers’ compensation rules and regulations have been put in place. 

As a leading injury and disability law firm based in Toledo, Schaffer & Associates LPA works with workers across Ohio to secure compensation after an injury. After spending decades representing injured workers, we are confident in our ability to skillfully negotiate fair settlements for our clients. If you or a loved one was injured on the job, relief may be available. To get started, schedule a free initial consultation with our team at (419) 350-8277 today. 

Workers’ Compensation in Ohio

Broadly, states have legal measures put in place to protect workers and ensure that compensation is available in the event of injury. Ohio is no different. Under state law, employers are legally obligated to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. Section 4123.35 of the Ohio Revised Code sets forth the coverage options available to employers. All businesses with more than one employee can either pay premiums to a state-run fund or obtain workers’ compensation independently, also known as self-insurance. 

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is responsible for maintaining the state fund, which is one of the largest in the entire United States. This agency also ensures that all workers can obtain compensation, regardless of their employer’s compliance status. Therefore, even if an employer fails to obtain workers’ compensation coverage, their workers are still protected. An experienced Oregon workers’ compensation attorney can help secure a settlement from non-compliant employers.   

How Do We Serve Ohio Workers?

At Schaffer & Associates LPA, we assist Ohio workers with all aspects of the compensation process. From filing a claim to negotiating a settlement, we strive to make the process as easy as possible for our clients while securing every dollar possible. To accomplish this goal, we offer the most comprehensive services possible and adjust our approach with each new case. For this reason, our Oregon workers’ compensation attorneys are better able to uphold the rights of Ohio workers at every step. 

After spending years representing injured workers across Ohio, we understand the most common issues that arise while seeking workers’ compensation. To overcome these issues, we offer a diverse range of services, including:

  • Filing injury claims according to Ohio rules and regulations
  • Applying for weekly death benefits
  • Negotiating workers’ compensation settlements
  • Submitting third-party liability claims
  • Navigating work-related car accidents
  • Organizing, submitting, and signing all relevant documents
  • Litigating unfair settlements or denied claims

Top Questions About Workers’ Comp

What Are the Steps in the Workers’ Compensation Claims Process?

In Ohio, there are specific steps that must be followed when submitting a workers’ compensation claim. Failing to abide by the requirements of the claims process can negatively impact a worker’s ability to obtain compensation. For this reason, it is incredibly important to understand the steps involved in submitting a workers’ compensation claim. 

Report the Injury

Report the injury to a manager or human resources department. The more time that passes between an accident and filing a claim, the more difficult it becomes to obtain compensation. Moreover, having written, documented evidence of the incident can make a major difference in the success of a claim.

Seek Medical Attention

Regardless of the severity of the accident, it is crucial to visit a medical professional who can assess the injury. Without evidence of medical care, it can be difficult to prove that the accident truly happened. This documentation will be important when filing a claim later on. 

Submit a First Report of an Injury, Occupational Disease or Death (FROI)

This form is used to initiate a workers’ compensation claim. While it is a single page form, there are multiple pages of instructions regarding how to detail your accident, the resulting injury, and your medical diagnosis, if applicable. A signature from a healthcare provider is necessary.

Submit a Signed Authorization Form

This form allows the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to obtain and review medical records.

Once the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation receives the First Report of an Injury (FROI), they will begin the review process. A decision will be made within 28 days, which can be appealed if deemed unfair. An Oregon workers’ compensation attorney can help you navigate the appeal process and uphold your right to fair compensation. 

Speak With An Oregon Workers’ Compensation Attorney at Schaffer & Associates LPA

With extensive documentation, evidence, and timeline requirements, filing a workers’ compensation claim is a complicated process. Following all of the necessary steps is not always straightforward, and many people face pitfalls along the way. Seeking legal assistance helps avoid these pitfalls and secure compensation faster and easier. To speak with an Oregon workers’ compensation attorney regarding your settlement, consider contacting Schaffer & Associates LPA at (419) 350-8277 today.