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In Ohio, 25% of adults live with a disability (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Living with a disability often impacts a person’s ability to work and earn an income, thus negatively affecting their overall livelihood. Adults with disabilities are at a higher risk for other health disparities as well. As such, different state and federal agencies have been established to provide support to people living with disabilities. Obtaining disability benefits often proves very difficult, however, and many individuals turn to a Sandusky Social Security disability attorney for assistance.

As a foremost personal injury and Social Security disability law firm, Schaffer & Associates LPA has spent years representing Ohio residents through all steps of the disability application process. We believe that people living with disabilities should receive the benefits they deserve. As diligent advocators and skilled litigators, we understand how to make this a reality for more Ohioans living with disabilities. For more information, consider scheduling a free consultation with an experienced Sandusky Social Security disability attorney today at (419) 350-8277.

Receiving Disability Benefits in Ohio

Most people understand that disability benefits are administered by the Social Security Administration at the national level. What is less understood, however, is that all applications must first pass through state agencies. In Ohio, the Division of Disability Determination establishes medical eligibility of all applicants before the case can reach the next level. In other words, there is a chance that a person’s application will not even reach the Social Security Administration before being denied. 

Even more harrowing is the fact that only 30% of applications are approved for Ohio residents. This is a low number compared to other states. Hawaii, for instance, boasts an approval rate of over 60%. Since only a third of Ohio applications will see approval, it is incredibly important to avoid common pitfalls and errors that befall many individuals. This is part of what the Sandusky Social Security disability attorneys at Schaffer & Associates LPA do: ensure that applications are completed correctly to optimize success. 

Our Client-Focused Practice

Schaffer & Associates LPA was founded on the principles of compassion, efficiency, and focused representation. We understand the difficulties of living with a disability and we work around the clock to secure benefits for impacted individuals. To do this, we adjust our practice to meet the needs of our clients. 

After spending years representing individuals with disabilities, some of the main ways we serve our clients include:

  • Completing and filing applications for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income
  • Reviewing documentation to ensure eligibility
  • Appealing denied Social Security disability benefits applications
  • Navigating the application process for individuals over the age of 50

We work to provide tailored, effective legal representation for Ohioans living with disabilities. To make this goal a reality, our team of Sandusky Social Security disability attorneys treat each case individually, considering the unique circumstances of each person.  

How Long Does The SSD Process Take?

Do I Need an Attorney to Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research indicates that legal representation increases the initial chance of success when applying for disability benefits by 23%. This means that when legal counsel is involved at the onset of an application, the individual is less likely to need to file an appeal. Instead, their application is more likely to be approved in the first stage. 

The study also states that nearly half of all disability applicants receive approval in the appeals process, after having been denied once or twice by their state office. Applicants must wait an average of two years before their application is approved, foregoing any substantial work activity in the meantime. While hiring a Sandusky Social Security disability attorney is not required by law, it is undeniably beneficial to the applicant.

Is There a Way to Increase the Social Security Disability Payments I Receive?

In select situations, it may be possible to increase the amount a person receives in Social Security disability payments. For an individual who receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI), increasing payments may be more straightforward. This is because SSI payments are calculated based on an individual’s situation. Married couples often receive more in benefits than individuals, for example. Moreover, payments adjust as living situations change or when a person begins working again.

Increasing the amount a person receives in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is more difficult. SSDI payments are calculated based on how long a person worked and how much a person earned prior to receiving benefits. Adjusting this number after benefits have been awarded is not easy, unless cost-of-living increases or a recalculation of benefits can be proven necessary.  

Are My Social Security Disability Payments for Life?

Broadly, disability benefits will continue for as long as a person’s medical condition persists. When an individual reaches full retirement age, their benefits automatically convert to retirement benefits. In this case, the payment amount will typically remain the same. 

Speak with a Sandusky Social Security Disability Attorney at Schaffer & Associates Today

Living with a disability presents a variety of hardships for adults and children. To help offset these difficulties, financial support is available in the form of Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, obtaining these benefits can be extremely complicated. For this reason, avoiding the mistakes that are frequently made while applying for Social Security disability benefits is essential. 

Our team of Sandusky Social Security disability attorneys work diligently to secure benefits for our clients. By avoiding the common pitfalls that Ohio residents experience while applying for benefits, we are able to ensure success during the initial application stage. For individuals who have had their application denied, we work tirelessly to secure approval during the appeals process. To learn more about how we can help, contact Schaffer & Associates LPA at (419) 350-8277 today.

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