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In the United States, 61 million adults live with a disability. Oftentimes, these individuals are unable to work and are at a higher risk for serious health conditions than others. To help ensure that disabled individuals are able to thrive and live prosperous lives, systems have been put in place for support. Social Security disability benefits are the most common of these systems, providing financial support for people living with disabilities across America. Successfully obtaining these benefits is rarely simple, however, leading many disabled individuals to seek assistance from a Fostoria Social Security disability attorney

Based in Toledo, Ohio, Schaffer & Associates LPA serves individuals living with disabilities across the state and throughout the nation. Above all, we strive to make the process of obtaining Social Security benefits faster and easier for those in need. Through our focused, efficient strategies and skilled representation, we are better able to successfully secure disability benefits for our clients. For more information, schedule a no-cost consultation with an experienced Fostoria Social Security disability attorney today at (419) 350-8277. 

What We Do

After years of honing our practice, we have identified the major areas of concern and pitfalls that individuals face when applying for Social Security benefits. In Ohio, the approval rate for benefits is statistically low at 30%. This is a dismal number, especially compared to other states, such as Hawaii, that boast an approval rate of over 60%. For this reason, many Ohio applicants find it necessary to seek outside assistance from our team of Fostoria Social Security disability attorneys

While we tailor our services to match the individual needs of our clients, we commonly help Ohio disability applicants with the following matters:

  • Filing Social Security disability benefits claims, both under Title II and Title XVI
  • Compiling relevant documentation and ensuring eligibility
  • Appealing denied disability benefits claims
  • Navigating Social Security disability while receiving other benefits

Above all, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to legal representation. We have conversations with our clients to understand their needs and build a legal strategy to address these needs fully and completely.

How Do I Apply for Social Security Benefits?

The Social Security benefits application process is far from straightforward. Many people recognize that benefits are administered by the Social Security Administration at the federal level. It is lesser known, however, that all applications will pass through state offices before moving to the federal level for approval. The Ohio Division of Disability Determination is responsible for handling most applications that come from Ohio residents. 

To apply for benefits, there are a variety of different documentations and records that are required, including:

  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of citizenship, if applicable
  • United States military discharge papers for those who served before 1968
  • W-2 forms and/or self-employment tax returns
  • The Adult Disability Report
  • All medical evidence of the disability and related conditions
  • Award letters, pay stubs, or any other evidence of workers’ compensation benefits that you receive

Once all this information is organized, a person can apply for benefits online or via telephone. Individuals applying for Social Security disability benefits should be aware that the office will ask a variety of questions regarding personal information and the collection of other public or private benefits. A knowledgeable Fostoria Social Security disability attorney can help you navigate this process to increase your chances of success. 

Will It Be Easier to Receive Social Security Disability with an Attorney?

Many people make the assumption that applying for benefits is as easy as filling out a few forms. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Applying for Social Security disability benefits is a long and complicated process. For every three Ohio residents who submit a Social Security disability application, only one will be approved. 

Due to the low chance of success, many individuals seek legal assistance to navigate the application process. Moreover, the National Bureau of Economic Research reports that legal representation increases the probability of success for initial applications by 23%. This is a significant advantage, providing evidence for the importance of seeking professional assistance when applying for Social Security disability benefits. In many cases, it is easier to receive benefits with a Fostoria Social Security disability attorney

How Much Will an Attorney Charge to Help Me with My Social Security Disability Claim?

Many people shy away from seeking legal representation due to the assumption that it will cost a great deal of money. This is a common misconception, as federal law places a limit on how much an attorney can collect in a disability case. According to federal law, Social Security disability attorneys are only permitted to collect 25% of backpay, up to a maximum amount set by the Social Security Administration. Furthermore, disability attorneys only collect payment if the application is successful. If your application is approved, the Social Security Administration will determine the legal fees and ensure that they are within federal fee agreement guidelines. 

Secure Benefits with a Fostoria Social Security Disability Attorney at Schaffer & Associates LPA

Living with a disability can be stressful and impact a person’s livelihood. Recognizing this, federal law has provided for Social Security disability benefits to help protect disabled Americans. Ideally, these benefits are highly accessible to individuals living with a disability, but this is often not the case. Many people require assistance from experienced legal professionals to help with the process. 

At Schaffer & Associates LPA, our team of skilled and compassionate Fostoria Social Security disability attorneys fight for the rights of disabled adults and children across America. Believing that every person should receive the benefits they deserve, we work diligently to ensure success in the application process. If an application is denied, we will represent you through the appeals process. To begin the process, consider contacting our Toledo office at (419) 350-8277 today.

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