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For workers in many industries, on-the-job risk is unavoidable. Whether it is a slip and fall, exposure to a harmful substance, or a transportation accident, for example, accidents happen. Between loss of income and medical expenses, being involved in a workplace accident can have serious and debilitating consequences, financially and otherwise. Fortunately, Defiance workers’ compensation attorneys are able to help offset these consequences by securing financial settlements for injured workers.

At Schaffer & Associates LPA, we represent working men and women who were injured at their place of employment. We understand how devastating these situations can be for workers and their loved ones. For this reason, we have centered our practice around obtaining full and fair compensation for our clients. If you or a loved one was injured on the job, our team of experienced Defiance workers’ compensation attorneys are here to help. Consider scheduling a free consultation today by calling our Toledo office at (419) 350-8277. 

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Laws

Ohio has a set of laws that are used to protect workers and ensure that employers are prepared to handle workplace accidents. In Ohio, like other states, employers are required to obtain workers compensation coverage. This coverage is a form of insurance that is used to safeguard employees who experience injuries in their workplace, providing for lost wages and medical expenses, depending on the circumstances of the accident. 

How Do We Secure Compensation for Workers?

As skilled negotiators and fearless litigators, our team of Schaffer & Associates LPA Defiance workers’ compensation attorneys has collectively secured millions of dollars in settlement for Ohio workers. We accomplish this through strategic and diligent representation, tailoring our services to fit the needs of the individual worker. While we offer a wide range of services, some of the most common legal matters that we handle include: 

  • Applying for Ohio workers’ compensation benefits
  • Filing the First Report of Injury, Occupational Disease or Death and other documentation
  • Third-party liability claims
  • Finalizing Ohio workers’ compensation settlements 
  • Disputes over eligibility and settlement amounts
  • Work related car accidents
  • Construction site and manufacturing injuries

With decades of experience navigating Ohio workers’ compensation cases, we have the skill and expertise necessary to obtain settlements for our clients. We help Defiance workers complete the claims process while avoiding common pitfalls along the way. Moreover, we are ready and willing to pursue litigation when necessary to secure a full and fair settlement. 

What If My Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Employers can obtain insurance through the state insurance fund or pursue self-insurance. Under Rule 4123-14-01 of the Ohio Administrative Code, employers are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. If they fail to uphold this requirement, they are considered a non-complying employer under Ohio law. If the state becomes aware that an employer does not obtain workers’ compensation insurance, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will seek to recover back-payments and may levy other penalties. 

A worker’s ability to secure workers’ compensation is not impacted by their employer’s non-compliance. This means that even if the employer has not contributed to the state fund or obtained self insurance, an injured worker can still receive a settlement through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Failure to secure workers’ compensation insurance also leaves an employer vulnerable to legal action, meaning an injured worker is able to sue the employer directly. 

What Does the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Do?

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (OBWC) provides medical and compensation benefits to workers. With roughly $28 billion being managed by the OBWC, Ohio has the largest state-operated workers’ compensation fund in the United States. This is greatly beneficial for workers, who can rest assured that they are protected in the event of an accident. 

The OBWC is responsible for enforcing workers’ compensation laws and ensuring that employers comply with these laws. In the event that an employer does not comply and a worker is injured on the job, the OBWC provides a fund to protect the worker. 

Injured workers are able to file a claim through the OBWC and obtain information regarding the necessary documentation. This process is often quite complex, however, making it important to seek legal assistance when filing a claim. An experienced Defiance workers’ compensation attorney can help navigate this process in a quick and stress-free manner.

Contact a Defiance Workers’ Compensation Attorney at Schaffer & Associates LPA Today

Being injured on the job is a stressful and frightening experience, often leaving a worker unsure of how to move forward while balancing medical care and loss of income. While relief is available to workers, navigating the claims process and negotiating settlement amounts can add to the stress. Above all, at Schaffer & Associates LPA, we want to make this process easier for hard-working Ohio men and women. Speaking with an experienced Defiance workers’ compensation attorney at our Toledo office is the first step to obtaining a settlement. Contact our office at (419) 350-8277 today.