Social Security Scam Calls – Don’t Be a Victim!

A man looking out the window while on the phone

Recently, numerous individuals throughout Toledo and NW Ohio received suspicious phone calls from someone alleging to be from the Social Security Administration. These callers reportedly asked for personal information such as social security numbers and bank account information. At times, the scammer may use threatening language in an attempt to convince innocent victims they must provide said information. Anyone is a potential target for one of these fraudulent calls.

Be aware that the Social Security Administration will only contact you by telephone if you have requested a phone call, or if you have ongoing business with them (for example, a pending disability application). Otherwise, if the Social Security Administration needs to contact you for any reason, they will generally do so in writing through the mail.

The Social Security Administration takes these scam calls very seriously. If you believe you have been the subject of a scam call or email, immediately go online to the Social Security Administration’s Office of the Inspector General. There you can submit a formal, written complaint.

According to The Inspector General of Social Security, Gail S. Ennis, the Social Security Administration will never:

  • threaten you with arrest or other legal action unless you immediately pay a fine or fee;
  • promise a benefit increase or other assistance in exchange for payment;
  • require payment by retail gift card, cash, wire transfer, internet currency, or prepaid debit card; or
  • send official letters or reports containing personally identifiable information via email.

From your local Social Security attorney, stay smart and stay safe. Should you need assistance filing for disability insurance benefits, please call us at 419-350-8277 to schedule a free consultation.