Schaffer & Associates’ 5th Anniversary

We are ecstatic to celebrate our 5th year of business in July 2024. This summer marks five years of advocating for injured workers and disabled individuals in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan under the name Schaffer & Associates. The privilege of representing our clients is enough to say the last five years have been well spent. We are honored that the community has put their trust in us, allowing us to grow our practice and reach even more deserving clients.

When we opened our doors to the community in 2019, we had a strong plan of action. We were really just getting the ball rolling when the COVID-19 pandemic began, less than a year into our practice. Between stay-home orders and widespread death and illness, we were left wondering how all of the change would impact our firm.

Despite this, we’ve managed to thrive with perseverance, long hours, and tirelessly dedicated staff. We’re proud to have opened a secondary office in Findlay, hired additional rockstar staff, and have even been fortunate enough to donate to local organizations, including Lucas County Children’s Services and Advocates for Basic Legal Equality. Most importantly, we’ve had the pleasure of serving thousands of clients desperate for quality legal representation.

We started Schaffer & Associates because we recognized a disparity in the treatment of injured workers and disabled citizens all around us. The mistreatment these people endure on a daily basis is unacceptable. We aim to serve as a first-line point of contact for those struggling to manage the complications that come with workers’ compensation claims and Social Security disability claims.

When you’re up against the might of a large company or the government itself, you need someone to protect you and make your voice heard. At Schaffer & Associates, everything we do works toward enforcing the rights of injured and disabled individuals in our local community. There is no shortage of people out there who need our assistance, and we look forward to many more years of helping people receive the benefits they’re entitled to with the care and dignity they deserve. Thank you one and all for your enduring friendship, patronage, and support.