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Ohio workers are some of the strongest and most tenacious workers in the country. This makes workplace injuries and illnesses even more devastating to Ohioans and their families. Being left unable to work due to an injury that occurred on the job is emotionally and financially overwhelming. Fortunately, Findlay workers’ compensation benefits are available to cover medical expenses, ongoing care, and lost income associated with workplace injuries. 

At our law firm, we work closely with individuals to obtain workers’ compensation for their injuries or illnesses. We serve as your trusted advisor and advocate and work diligently to protect your rights at every step of the process. To learn more about how we can help, consider contacting an experienced Schaffer & Associates LPA Findlay workers’ compensation benefits attorney at (419) 359-8091 today.

What Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Workers’ compensation is a legally mandated insurance program that is designed to protect the rights of workers who become injured or ill as a direct result of their job. In Ohio, there are two categories of workers’ compensation benefits that can be obtained by employers. Employers can be either: 

  • State-funded. These employers pay a premium to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). The BWC will then pay workers’ compensation benefits directly to the injured employee.  
  • Self-insured. These employers pay benefits directly to their employees.

Your employer can provide further information regarding which category they fall into. The process for obtaining benefits will vary depending on the form of workers’ compensation benefits that they use. Federal employees are not covered by BWC workers’ compensation insurance. Rather, these employees are covered by the Department of Labor’s federal workers’ compensation program

Workers’ compensation benefits vary from state to state, but almost all employees are covered in Ohio. The workers’ compensation program is governed by the same process across the state of Ohio. This means that Findlay workers’ compensation benefits are awarded based on state rules and regulations. Ohio law requires that all employers obtain workers’ compensation benefits for paid employees. There are certain exceptions to this, however. Sole proprietorships and partnerships with no owner-employees, volunteers, and ordained or associate ministers are not mandated to be insured by workers’ compensation. These businesses may choose to carry workers’ compensation in case the owner or minister is injured on the job, but it is not a requirement. 

What Are the Types Benefits?

There are several types of workers’ compensation benefits that workers can obtain to cover the expenses and costs associated with their injury or illness. The four primary types of workers’ compensation benefits include: 

  • Medical coverage. When you experience an injury at work, you may obtain workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical expenses. These benefits can be used to pay for doctors’ visits, medications, therapy and rehabilitation, and any necessary recovery equipment. Typically, workers’ compensation benefits for medical coverage are not limited to a certain dollar amount. Rather, the benefits should pay for all pertinent medical costs related to the injury or illness and should also cover deductibles and copays. 
  • Disability. These benefits are designed to replace a portion of the wages a worker has lost as a result of a work-related injury or illness. Workers’ compensation disability benefits are typically calculated based on average weekly wage and may be subject to maximum and minimum thresholds. 
  • Rehabilitation. Workers’ compensation can be used to cover ongoing care expenses such as vocational rehabilitation. Information from the National Rehabilitation Information Center states that vocational rehabilitation may include work-related training, career counseling, and/or assistance in identifying and securing new employment. 
  • Survivor benefits. If a family member passes away due to a work-related accident or incident, death benefits may be available to the dependent loved ones of the worker. These benefits generally include a sum to compensate the worker’s family for their loss as well as funeral or burial expenses. 

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to protect Ohio workers. As such, these benefits can be used for a variety of reasons. An experienced Findlay workers’ compensation benefits attorney at Schaffer & Associates LPA can provide further information on the types of workers’ compensation and which benefits may be available to you. 

Why Should You Try to Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

You should try to get workers’ compensation benefits to ensure that you do not pay any money out-of-pocket for expenses related to the injury. If you are injured at work, you are likely going to require medical attention and take time away from work. The costs associated with receiving medical treatment can be significant and the income lost from being away from work can have a major impact on your financial well-being. Since workers’ compensation is available state-wide to employees, it is important that you file for benefits as soon as possible following your injury. If you do not pursue these benefits, you may be leaving money on the table. 

It is also important to understand the statute of limitations associated with applying for workers’ compensation benefits. In Ohio, injured workers must file a workers’ compensation claim within one year of their injury. Waiting too long may result in you being unable to apply for benefits in the state. Time is of the essence in these matters and your experienced workers’ compensation attorney can work with you to file a claim as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

How Long Can You Receive Benefits?

Broadly speaking, workers’ compensation benefits are awarded on a case-by-case basis. This means that your compensation will depend entirely on the type of injury you sustained as well as the severity of the injury. Even if your work injury seems small, you should not delay filing for workers’ compensation benefits. There are benefits that you can receive even if you don’t have lost time, or if you plan to eventually return to work. Workers’ compensation can be awarded on a permanent basis, however, if the worker is rendered totally disabled and unable to engage in long-term gainful employment. These benefits will continue for the rest of your life. 

In some cases, it is possible to continue receiving workers’ compensation benefits even if you return to work. If your employer offers you light-duty work at a lower wage or if you must obtain a lower-paying job due to your injury, you may receive certain benefits for up to 200 weeks. If you are unable to return to your former job with restrictions, you may also obtain benefits if you are looking for work that accommodates your restrictions. These benefits may last for up to 52 weeks. The time limits associated with workers’ compensation benefits can be complex and speaking with a skilled attorney who focuses on Findlay workers’ compensation benefits can help greatly. 

Hiring an Attorney Near You to Help Apply for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Findlay, Ohio

Experiencing an illness or injury as a result of your work can be devastating and have a major impact on the lives of you and your loved ones. If you were injured on the job in Findlay, workers’ compensation benefits may be available to you. The team of knowledgeable attorneys at Schaffer & Associates LPA has decades of experience assisting Ohio workers as they file for workers’ compensation benefits in the state. We will tirelessly advocate for your rights and ensure that you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries. To begin the process of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, consider scheduling a free consultation with us at (419) 359-8091 today.