It is never easy when a loved one passes away. It can be especially painful when it wasn’t their time, but instead, their death was because of someone else’s negligence. Think of a drunk driver who kills a mother of three in a car accident, or a distracted driver who hits someone crossing the street and fatally injures them. If the drivers in these situations had acted responsibly, their victims would still be alive.

The deceased can’t go to court to seek justice from the driver who killed them. But their family can. In Ohio, surviving children, parents and spouses of someone killed by another party’s negligence have the right to compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful death compensation

Even though you were not directly harmed by the accident that cost your loved one their life, your loss will affect your life in many ways. This damage to your qualify of life deserves to be compensated. Here are the types of harms that families affected by wrongful death can seek compensation for in Ohio:

  • Loss of future financial support, based on the deceased’s reasonably expected earning capacity
  • Loss of society of the deceased. In other words, the loss of their companionship, advice, care, etc.
  • Loss of services of the deceased
  • Mental anguish caused by the loss of the deceased
  • Loss of prospective inheritance from the deceased due to his premature death

The personal representative who is handling your loved one’s estate can file suit on their behalf. They can also seek damages suffered by the deceased, including pain and suffering and medical costs.

Honoring your loved one’s memory

Wrongful death compensation cannot bring back your family member. But it may help you and your family feel a sense that justice has been served, which may help you on your road to healing. Speak to a personal injury attorney for more information.